2018 Canadates

2018 Canadates

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Equality for all means that everyone has the right to make a decent living,
that everyone deserves quality healthcare, and that equal work deserves equal pay.

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Statement from Mary

From the bottom of my heart: thank you. 

This campaign would not have been possible without you. Every one of you who knocked on doors, made calls, sent texts, attended rallies, introduced me to voters, put up yard signs, and most importantly voted. You helped bring us one step closer to victory. 

This wasn’t the result we were hoping for, but I’m proud of the campaign we ran and the issues we fought for. 

I still believe that we deserve big changes in Wyoming. I still believe in expanding Medicaid to cover our friends and neighbors, re-investing in education to give the very best to our children, and keeping public lands in public hands. Despite this setback, those are things I will keep fighting for, and I hope you do as well. 

I also want to congratulate Mark Gordon on his victory, and wish him the very best in representing the amazing people of Wyoming. We ran an issues-based campaign, and that’s something we should be very proud of. 

This campaign has been the experience of a lifetime—I don’t regret for a second standing up to fight for Wyoming, and I am so honored that you stood with me. 

In gratitude,